My Peregrine and I

I lie here, worn, a thread-bare body, an exhausted mind, waiting for the quiet that will comfort me.
I lie here, confused, bound in this fog of consciousness, trying to see past that which I don’t understand;
And the weatherman in my head keeps repeating, “For the foreseeable future, visibility is zero in the outlying areas.”

Long Road Home

When I was just a boy, maybe 8, I remember seeing Cooter’s old man double up his fist and hit a pulling mule so hard the mule’s front knees buckled and the mule fell face-first into the mud. I hated that son-of-a-bitching bastard for what he’d just done – hated him and feared him at the same time. It was my first brush with raw evil, and I knew it.

The Cats and Me

Am I asleep, or awake? Whichever, it’s really not clear.
I’m caught in a lucid state; some thoughts out there, some thoughts in here.
If Heaven has a front porch, I think it would feel just like this.
Something better than this life, but still not quite what I’d call bliss.