About The Virtual Writer

ourhouseatCrumCornerI was born in rural northeastern Arkansas in 1947, where I grew up as the youngest of five brothers in a family who sharecropped for a living.  Like my brothers, I spent the hours, days, weeks, months and years of my youth working in the cotton fields that lay like a quilt over that area. The house, shown in this photograph, was our home for most of my childhood.   I left those cotton fields in 1965 after graduating from high school, and a year later I left Arkansas in search for a longer, broader horizon.

This site, at least the portion identified as The Virtual Writer, is about my memories of that time and place; but perhaps more importantly, it is about the people who sculpted me,  about those who loved me enough to point out the distant horizon and set me on my path in life.

From those days, from that simpler life, I have seen the world change dramatically; and some, but not everything of what I will write about here, is about those changes.  Some of the writing are  musings, simple observations; but all in all, I think this is a good place to share my  perspective of the world as I’ve experienced it.  It is a good place to share a few short stories, and a good place to share some meditations about people, places, times and events.

I hope you enjoy what you read; but whether you do or do not like or agree with my writings, I hope you will at least leave a constructive comment.

Retrospective Me